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Super Bash Goats

Super Bash Goats is a local multiplayer brawler game, where you and up to three friends play as goats in a mountain landscape. Make a bloody mess by bashing your friends into rocks, to be the last goat standing!

The Game

In some beautiful mountains somewhere, a group of goats live peacefully with one another, sharing the luscious grassy hillsides and all the food and comfort it brings… Nah, just kidding. Super Bash Goats is the real goaty deal, and there can only be one king of the mountain that gets to graze the green grass!

In Super Bash Goats, you and up to three friends can play together in a fast-paced local multiplayer brawler with one single special mechanic – bashing.

The bash works in a simple way, charge it by holding down the X button, aim with the left-stick and then bash into your friend, hopefully launching them into rocks and effectively slaughtering them. Each player has 5 lives to spare, and the winner is simply the last goat standing. With a beautiful setting, cute goats… and bloody chunks and gore, Super Bash Goats mixes everything that a party game should have. Grab your friends, some controllers, a PC and start bashing!


No keyboard support! Gamepads required! (2-4 Player) 

The game is PC only but each player needs a controller to be able to play. We have tested the game with Xbox 360/One and PS4-controllers ( ds4windows ), but it's possible that the game works with other controllers too.

Move & Aim: Left stick
Bash: X (Hold to charge)
Jump: A
Pause Game: Start

The Team

3D Artists:
Ludwig Lindstål | Paul O'Brien | Anna Asker | Laura Lohikoski

Johan HolmérKim SjöbergNora Silow | Mario Strand

Samuel Dangoor Ehnberg

Christopher Mauricci

Initially Super Bash Goats was part of a school project and we have since then been developing the game in our spare time alongside our studies.

Special thanks to Samuel Dangoor Ehnberg and Christopher Mauricci for helping out with the music and sound effects!

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Super Bash Goats 32-bit.zip (127 MB)
Super Bash Goats 64-bit.zip (147 MB)


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